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Amethyst Pendulum


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Allow this hand-carved Amethyst Pendulum to guide you through important decisions and your burning questions spiritually. Pendulums are a vehicle that creates a connection to your higher self, spiritual knowledge and awareness. Amethyst pendulums are a very spiritual crystal, stimulating the Third Eye  Chakra. This will enhance intuition, reduce anxiety and protect against negativity.


How to use your Amethyst Pendulum:

First: Ground your energies. Take a few moments to settle your mind and let go of all your thoughts. Another suggestion is to cleanse your crystal/stone pendulum with a smudge stick before you begin working with your crystal/stone pendulum. This process removes any stagnant energy the crystal may be carrying. P.S. We cleanse all our crystals during packaging, but this is still an encouraged ritual to build a deeper connection with your new  Amethyst pendulum.


Second: Make a connection with your pendulum. An effective way to build a relationship with your pendulum is by meditating briefly while holding it. Also, remember always to have respect for your pendulum!!


Three: Establish an understanding with your pendulum. Ask your pendulum to show you a “yes”. Then, ask your pendulum to offer you a “no”. Once you understand how your pendulum moves, you will have a greater understanding of your pendulum. Using a pendulum mat is also a useful tool for building knowledge of your pendulum. Remember: always thank your pendulum for answering your questions.


Four: Ask away !!! Ensure you ask clear & simple yes /no questions, or you will not receive a clear answer. Ensure you do not have the answers you want; instead, allow the pendulum to show you the answer!



KEYNOTES: Handmade Amethyst Pendulum | Chakra: Crown, Third Eye | Origin: India | Materials: Amethyst, Brass | Size: 9″ long approx.


We strive to source high-quality crystals, but these are natural stones, meaning they will vary in size, shape and colour. They may also contain natural inclusions and blemishes, which unfortunately is out of our control. We strive to be completely transparent by showing our customers any defects in the provided pictures and video, but we cannot guarantee they will show through. Rest assured, we will gladly provide additional photos at your request.



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