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Lepidolite Oval Worry Stones


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Lepidolite Oval Worry Stone

Unlock a life of willing acceptance, emotional balance, and newfound compassion with the power of Lepidolite Oval Worry Stones

What Are Worry Stones?

Worry stones are small, flat, polished crystals with an indentation for your thumb. They’re designed to be held between the index finger and thumb and rubbed to relieve stress and anxiety. The repetitive motion is  a focal point during meditation and mindfulness practices, making it easier to center your mind. Physically speaking, the pressure applied on the thumb’s reflexology points, leads to the release of endorphins. These are the body’s natural mood elevators, positively impacting  mental clarity and emotions.


Why Lepidolite?

These Lepidolite Oval Worry Stones will help you achieve  emotional balance and increase your spiritual awareness. Lepidolite is a powerhouse of healing energy that can help you overcome everyday challenges, from dealing with difficult people to making major life changes with enlightened awareness.

Key Benefits

  • Willing Acceptance: Adapt and accept the things that are not in your control and embrace change and uncertainty with ease
  • Compassion: Perfect for practicing Buddhism, lepidolite teaches you to react with understanding and compassion, even in the face of anger or conflict.
  • Financial and Emotional Resilience: Navigate financial pitfalls and emotional upheavals with grace.

Fun Fact

Did you know that lepidolite is rich in lithium, the same element used in anti-anxiety medication? This adds a scientific backing to its calming and balancing properties, making it even more of a must-have for your spiritual toolkit.

Unique Uses

  • Bath Time Ritual: Immerse this stone in your bath water to alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • Crystal Pairing Recommendations: Combine with Lemurian, Black Tourmaline, or Kunzite

Product Specifications

  • Size: Approximately 1′ x 1′
  • Stone Type: Lepidolite Oval Worry Stone
  • Uses: Stress Relief, Emotional Balance, Compassion Training
  • Synergies: Lemurian, Tourmaline, Kunzite


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