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Purify and Protect Salt


These hand made Cleansing  and Intentional Salt bags can be used many various ways to purify your space and enforce your intentions. This Purify and Protect Salt is made with a combination of herbs with optimum protective properties. Ensuring your crystal and home stay purified and your space stays clear of negativity. Additionally, you can set you own intention during the crystal infusion process.

Purify and Protect Salt is a mixture of fresh Sea Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt and Herbs. Sea Salt is naturally very cleansing and will remove any negative energy from your sacred space, spiritual tools and crystals. The combination of herbs naturally create a protective barrier, along with amazing healing properties.


Ingredients List:

  • Course and Fine Sea Salt: purifying, increases abundance capabilities,
  • Himalayan Pink Sea Salt:
  • Vervain: protects against negativity, spells and ill wishes. purifies sacred places
  • Nettle Leaves: healing, removes unwanted spirit, deflects negativity, energy protection
  • Spearmint: protection, strength, raises life force energy, healing, mindfulness, calming
  • Citrus: cleansing, purifying, uplifting, abundance, healing, prosperity

Crystal Infusion Directions:

  1. Place sea salt and herb mixture into a bowl. Completely cover your crystals with the salt.
  2. Think of a specific intention you would like this crystal to work with. Repeat this intention throughout the infusing process to reinforce your desires
  3. Now, Leave your crystals for a few hours or over night, go with your intuition.
  4. Once the infusion is complete, remove from salt and if suitable rinse under water
  5. While rinsing under water repeat this affirmation ” My intentions are always for the highest good”


Please Note: not all crystals are safe for salt cleansing, so please ensure the crystals you use are suitable. If unsure, use the indirect method, by placing crystals in a thick plastic bag, or in small bowl and then placing in salt


Main Healing Properties:
  • Protects against negative energy from your crystals and home
  • Promote a relaxing atmosphere, reducing anxiety and tension
  • Purifies the atmosphere and crystals
  • Helps attain spiritual enlightenment and attunement
  • Increases personal abundance, gratitude
  • Promotes inner peace and harmony
  • Increases manifestation capabilities
  • Promotes spiritual wisdom


Different Ways To Use Your Cleansing Salt:
  • Keep in small glass bottles. Place in pocket, bag or rooms  to deflect negative energy
  • Keep around house for good luck and fortune
  • Hold or place near Throat Chakra to increase communication skills
  • Use to during meditation to reach higher states of consciousness
  • work with this stone to empower your higher self
  • Keep stone on desk to reduce stress and anxiety levels



Please remember that these Purify and Protect Salt bags are completely handmade, meaning each batch may vary slightly in, weight, size, shape and colour. Please note packing supplies may change at any given time.


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