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Reiki Starter Set


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The Reiki Starter Set will lead your healing journey on the right path. This set will cleanse and purify energy, heal the heart and welcome in nothing more but love and light

What’s Included in Reiki Starter Set :

  • 1 Chakra Wood Storage Box ( 5″ x 5″ x 2/5″)
  • 1 4″ Chakra Sage Stick
  • 1 Palo Santo Bundle
  • 1 Chakra Selenite Stick (3.75″ x 0.5″)
  • 1 Reiki Symbol Selenite Plate (2″ x 2″)
  • 1 Regular Selenite Stick ( 4″ long)
  • 1 Raw Black Tourmaline Chunk ( 1.5″ x 1.5″)
  • 1 Pink Mangano Calcite Puffy Heart ( 1.75″ x 1.5″)
  • 1 box of Seven Chakra Satya Incense
  • 1 box of Reiki Power Satya Incense
  • 7 Crystal Description Cards
  • 1 Affirmation Card
  • 1 crystal carrying bag

Chakra tumble set

  • 1 Fluorite Tumble ( 0.5″ x 0.5″)
  • 1 Peach Moonstone Tumble (1″ x 0.5″)
  • 1 Green Aventurine Tumble ( 0.75″ x 0.5″0
  • 1 Rainbow Moonstone Tumble ( 1″ x 0.75″ )
  • 1 Amazonite Tumble (1.25″ x 0.75″ )
  • 1 Tiger’s eye Tumble (0.75″ x 0.75″)
  • 1 Hematite Tumble (0.75″ x 0.5)

This Reiki Starter set is a great way to get to start off your healing journey or to stock up on our most loved items!

We have created the Reiki Starter Set by mindfully combining the most popular crystals and tools used by Reiki and energy healers alike. We understand starting out on a new spiritual journey can be overwhelming, which is why we want to ensure your purchase with us is less intimidating , more convenient and of course, affordable.

How to Use
  • Burn sage, Palo Santo or incense to purify your space before , after or during or Reiki Sessions
  • Use the selenite sticks to cleanse your crystals and to activate the crown chakra
  • Store your crystals or tools in the wood storage box, this box can also be used as a distance reiki box
  • Use the chakra tumble set to remove energy blockages and align the chakra system
  • Use the Black Tourmaline for protection against negativity
  • Hold the pink mangano heart to offer healing and comfort
Main Healing Properties
  • Activates the Chakra system, as a result, increases intuition, spiritual awareness and wisdom
  • improves anxiety, sadness or depression
  • Cleanses the aura
  • Actively protects you psychic attacks, electronic pollution and manipulation
  • Reduces Stress , increases balance
  • Helps calm an over active mind
  • Helps reduce distractibility, improves focus


We strive to source high quality crystals but these are natural stones, meaning they will vary in size, shape and color. They may also contain natural inclusions and blemishes which unfortunately is out of our control. We strive to be completely transparent by showing our customers any blemishes in the provided pictures and video but cannot guarantee they will show through. Rest assured, we will gladly provide additional pictures at your request.


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