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Nautical Dreams Weighted Eye Pillows


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These handmade weighted eye pillows are a must-have for anyone looking for a way to relax and unwind. Our yoga eye pillows are handmade, using high-quality materials such as cotton, flaxseed, and lavender. These Nautical Dreams Weighted Eye pillows measure 4 1/2″ width x 9 1/2″ long and weigh 200 grams, filled with all-natural materials. These yoga eye pillows are available in two different filling options: unscented with flax seeds only or lavender scented with a blend of flax seeds and lavender buds.

This light, thin blue, white stripe pillow makes the fabric comfortable and breathable. Additionally, the cover is removable and washable! Care instructions below. The lavender scent will last a long time, but you can refresh it by giving the pillow a gentle squeeze occasionally.

Use these eye pillows for yoga, meditation or any other spiritual practice to help block distractions and promote relaxation for the mind, body and soul. P.S. This is a great yoga gift for any yogis in your life!

Got cramps? These pillows can help!! These are very versatile pillows and can help minimize the discomfort of menstruation, cramps, and PMS and even reduce muscle soreness such as neck pain. Please place it in the freezer ( in a bag, so it does not come into contact with anything else) or in the microwave for 20 seconds. Be Careful you do not overheat.

Shopping for a worry wort? This eye mask is a perfect anxiety gift! When placed on the forehead, these eye pillows can relieve weighted anxiety, melting stress, worries, and restlessness. Furthermore, lavender is known to reduce insomnia and even help alleviate headache or migraine symptoms. The pillow’s weight and softness help to block out light, creating a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

In addition to traditional hot and cold therapy, add a drop or two of essential oil onto a tissue and tuck it into the pillow cover for aromatherapy benefits. Please note, never put essential oils directly onto the fabric, as it can cause bodily harm or damage to the material.

Use our eye pillows for Chakra meditation by placing the pad on the chakra you are working with to create a deep connection between your body and soul while removing energy blockages. You can even put a corresponding crystal on the pillow to enhance healing and spiritual properties.

When cleaning your pillow, remove the cover and wash it on a delicate cycle, then hang it to dry. Please note, do not wash the pad itself. Iron on low setting if desired

Please remember that all healing properties mentioned are for metaphysical and spiritual purposes only and should never replace advice from your healthcare professional or traditional medical treatments. With our handmade weighted eye pillows, you can achieve ultimate relaxation and wellness.


This pillow is exclusive. Typically, once a pattern is gone, it may be gone forever. So, if you love it, we suggest jumping on the opportunity. This is why it holds to “one-of-a-kind”. They are made one by one and are not factory-produced.


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