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Floral Moon Tarot Card Holder


Floral Moon Tarot Card Holder – Elegance in Divination

The “Floral Moon Tarot Card Holder” is a beautifully crafted accessory that brings a touch of lunar magic to your tarot readings. With its crescent moon shape adorned with intricate floral patterns, this card holder is as practical as it is enchanting.

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions: 130x100x5mm, compact and perfect for tarot readers.
  • Material: Constructed from premium wood, featuring a laser-etched floral and moon design.
  • Design: The crescent moon, a symbol of intuition and the feminine, is coupled with a floral motif that adds an earthy and nurturing touch.

A Sanctuary for Your Cards

This card holder is designed to cradle your tarot cards between readings, providing a dedicated space that not only protects your cards but also aligns them with the natural cycles of the moon.

Enhance Your Reading Space

Whether placed upon your reading table or altar, the “Floral Moon Tarot Card Holder” elevates the atmosphere. It serves as a reminder of the interconnectedness of nature and the intuitive power of the tarot.

Versatile and Decorative

Aside from holding tarot cards, this holder is versatile enough to display affirmation cards, photographs, or small prints. It’s also a striking decorative piece that adds a touch of whimsy to any space.

Perfect Gift for Tarot Enthusiasts

For those who appreciate the beauty of the tarot and the elegance of moon symbolism, this card holder makes a thoughtful and functional gift.

Easy to Care For

To care for your “Floral Moon Tarot Card Holder,” simply dust it with a soft, dry cloth. The natural wood and etched details require minimal maintenance, ensuring lasting beauty.

Bring a celestial charm to your tarot practice with the “Floral Moon Tarot Card Holder,” a fusion of functionality and mystical design.