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Moon Phase Evil Eye Tarot Card


Moon Phase Evil Eye Tarot Card Holder

Step into a world of mystical insight with our Moon Phase Evil Eye Tarot Card Holder. It perfectly combines the protective energy of the evil eye with the cyclic wisdom of the moon phases. This holder not only safeguards your tarot cards but also serves as a powerful emblem of intuition and protection.

Striking Symbolism and Craft

We’ve etched the ancient evil eye symbol and moon phases onto this holder with great care. They stand out, offering protection and a connection to the celestial cycle. Each piece resonates with energy, aiding your tarot practice.

Perfectly Sized for Your Cards

This holder’s dimensions — 100mm by 130mm and a solid 5mm thick — make it ideal for tarot enthusiasts. The 100x2mm groove fits standard cards, ensuring a secure display during readings or as a meaningful decor piece.

Versatility in Every Use

  • Rituals and Readings: Display your cards daily or in client sessions. The holder adds clarity and intention to every reading.
  • Symbolic Decor: As a standalone piece, it brings mystique and a protective aura to any room.
  • Focus and Intent: The detailed symbols aid focus in meditation and spiritual work.

Robust and Elegant

With sturdy construction, this holder promises longevity and stability. It stands ready to become a centerpiece of your spiritual rituals.

Product Specifications

  • Material: High-quality, chosen for strength and visual appeal
  • Size: 100mm wide, 130mm long, 5mm thick
  • Card Groove: 100x2mm, crafted for a precise fit

Invite Protection and Wisdom

Our Moon Phase Evil Eye Tarot Card Holder does more than hold cards. It watches over your spiritual path. Let it deepen your tarot journey, enveloped by the watchful energy of the evil eye.