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Green Aventurine Pendulum


Green Aventurine Pendulum – A Journey Through Energy Centers

The “Green Aventurine Pendulum with Chakra Beads” is a remarkable tool for those attuned to energy work and spiritual inquiry. Its unique design not only serves as a functional pendulum but also as a beacon through the body’s energy centers.

Product Specifications

  • Overall Length: Approximately 11.81 inches (300mm)
  • Pendulum Bullet Dimensions: 2.91×0.51 inches (74x13mm)
  • Gemstone Beads Diameter: 0.26 inch (6.5mm)
  • Chain Length: 7.09 inches (180mm)
  • Bead Composition: Natural Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Blue Chalcedony, Green Aventurine, Tiger Eye, Cherry Quartz Glass, Carnelian.

Unique Design and Spiritual Function

The elongated, bullet-shaped Green Aventurine is meticulously crafted to ensure a smooth swing, while the chakra beads along the chain represent the seven energy centers. This pendulum is a powerful tool for spiritual practitioners who seek to balance their chakras or require guidance in divination.

A Harmonizing Companion for Meditation

During meditation or healing sessions, this pendulum aids in aligning your chakras. The presence of Amethyst to Carnelian covers a wide spectrum of energies, promoting inner harmony and spiritual clarity.

Perfect Gift for the Energy Conscious

This pendulum, with its array of gemstone beads, makes an exceptional gift for anyone interested in energy work, Reiki, or dowsing. It’s both a thoughtful and functional piece that enhances any spiritual collection.

Maintenance and Care

To maintain its vibrancy, periodically cleanse the pendulum under moonlight and recharge the stones. Gently wipe the gemstones with a soft cloth to keep them shining.

Enhance your spiritual practice with this “Green Aventurine Pendulum with Chakra Beads,” a perfect blend of functionality and metaphysical aesthetics.