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Curb-Side Pickup Hours

We offer Curbside Pick-Up for our customers.
If you have placed your order online, we will contact you once your order is ready to arrange a pick-up time:

MONDAY 9am – 7pm

TUESDAY 9am – 7pm

WEDNESDAY 9am – 7pm

THURSDAY 9am – 7pm

FRIDAY 9am – 7pm

SATURDAY 10am - 5pm

SUNDAY 10am - 5pm

Pick-Ups Available For All of Your Spiritual Needs:

  • Crystals & Stones
  • Crystal Jewelry
  • Astrology, Tarot Cards And Spiritual Books
  • Eye Pillows, Yoga Pillows And Pillow Sets
  • White Sage Sticks And Smudging Essentials
  • Incense Sticks


Please place your order on our website BEFORE arriving at our Pick-Up location.

Once we have completed your order, we will contact you to arrange a pick-up time.

Please note: we make our best efforts to ensure same day pick up, but on weekends we do attend shows, therefore we may not be able to arrange pick ups on those days. Orders received AFTER 7:00pm will be completed the next day.

We ask all of our customers to wait until they are notified that their order is ready before arriving.

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