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Green Calcite Raw Chunk


For those grappling with emotional wounds, or seeking a fresh perspective after enduring life’s tumultuous storms, this Green Calcite Raw Chunk is the soothing balm you’ve been yearning for. As a crystal that resonates with heart-driven desires, it’s perfect for anyone longing for emotional renewal and a return to their inner sanctuary.

Product Specifications

  • Material: Genuine Green Calcite in its raw, pristine form.
  • Chakra Association: Heart Chakra.
  • Dimensions: Each piece varies, thanks to nature’s unique touch. 2.25″ x 2.5″ approx

Product Description

Green Calcite, with its gentle green hues, is more than just a visual treat. Known as the “Stone of Renewal,” it targets the heart, aligning it with the universe’s nurturing energies. This crystal is all about emotional recovery, growth, and fostering a space for love—both for oneself and others.

Whether you’re a heart-centered healer, a yogi, or someone seeking emotional solace, Green Calcite invites you in. For those meditative moments, place it on your Heart Chakra, letting its energies rejuvenate your emotional core. Let the crystal remind you of the healing power of love and nature.

Healing Properties and Uses

  • Emotional Recovery: Supports emotional healing, helping one move past traumas and painful memories.
  • Love and Compassion: Amplifies feelings of self-love and compassion towards others.
  • Mental Clarity: Clears out old energy patterns, fostering new, positive ones.

Meditation and Affirmations

During meditation, position Green Calcite over your Heart Chakra. Let its serene vibes wash over you, creating a space for love and healing. Affirm to yourself: “I am open to love, healing, and emotional growth.”

Fun Facts: Ancient civilizations turned to Green Calcite to bring about peace and unity within communities. Its healing vibrations were believed to dissolve disagreements and foster communal love.

Precautions: Ensure that your Green Calcite remains in its prime by regularly cleansing it. Avoid exposing it to aggressive chemicals or physical harm.

Step into a journey of heart-centered healing and rediscovery with the compassionate embrace of Green Calcite.