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Hamsa Pendulum Board


Hamsa Pendulum Board: Divine Guidance at Your Fingertips

Dive into a world where each pendulum swing brings you closer to understanding with our Hamsa Pendulum Board. With a 200mm diameter and 5mm thickness, this board is an essential tool for anyone seeking answers from beyond.

Crafted for Connection and Insight

Our board boasts the protective Hamsa, a symbol of defense and blessings. It lies at the heart of a cosmic design, each element encouraging a deeper dive into the mysteries of the universe.

Quick Guide for Immediate Use

  1. Begin with Serenity: Place your board in a tranquil area. Here, the Hamsa will create a shield of calm around you.
  2. Select with Intention: Hold your pendulum. Feel its pull towards the board, indicating readiness for use.
  3. Achieve Inner Peace: Settle your mind. A clear head will invite purer answers.
  4. Engage with Ease: Let the pendulum hover over the board. It will swing towards ‘yes’, ‘no’, or ‘maybe’, driven by the energy of your questions.
  5. Ask and Observe: With your question in mind, release the pendulum. It will move truthfully, guided by unseen forces.
  6. Understand Your Path: Interpret the pendulum’s direction. Its movement spells out the answers you seek, clearing the fog on your spiritual journey.

Benefits of the Hamsa Pendulum Board

  • Clarified Decisions: The board aids in transforming uncertainties into clear choices.
  • Deeper Connections: It strengthens your bond with the divine, ensuring each session is a step towards enlightenment.
  • Peaceful Contemplation: Using the pendulum is a practice in mindfulness, promoting serenity with each oscillation.
  • Energetic Harmony: The Hamsa hand is not just decoration; it’s a symbol of your commitment to balance and well-being.

Detailed Specifications

  • Sturdy Construction: Durable materials promise a lasting place in your spiritual toolkit.
  • Optimal Size: The board’s size ensures it fits comfortably in any setting, ready for your reflective practice.
  • Visually Striking: Black and gold details catch the eye, enhancing the appeal and focus during use.

Let the Hamsa Pendulum Board be your guide to the answers within. As a tool for discovery and reflection, it stands as a testament to the wisdom that pendulum dowsing can provide. With each use, you’re not just seeking answers—you’re finding a path to greater understanding.