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Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs


Set of 3 drilled Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs – Without strings

Crystal Yoni eggs are inserted into a woman’s vagina for a short period of time. This practice  may help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, similar to Kegel exercises. Repeating the process on a regular daily basis will activate the Heart  Chakra and help improve libido .

Additionally, these Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs can be held during  Heart Chakra meditations. This will open up your Heart releasing any build up tension and fear.

This Rose Quartz Yoni Egg set is intended to use the largest egg first ( beginner) and work your way down to the smallest egg( advanced)

Origin: China | Chakra: Heart | Size: L: 42-45 x 29-31mm M: 37-40 x 25-26mm  S: 28-32 x 20-21mm

Main Healing Properties

  • Cleanses and Activates the Heart Chakra
  • Heals trauma and emotional imbalances
  • builds trust respect and compassion within relationship
  • encourages self love and self care practices

Rose Quartz crystals are the Stone of Love. These crystals assist with reassurance, healing and inner peace .Rose Quartz crystals unblock the Heart Chakra which helps create unbreakable bonds. Additionally, this stone builds trust within relationships, promotes respect and unconditional love. Rose quartz also reminds us to have compassion towards ourselves and others. Not only does Rose Quartz teach you to care for others, but this crystal also encourages you to take part in self-care practices.