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Spirit Quartz Cluster


Spirit Quartz Cluster

Your Bridge to Inner Unity and Higher Self. Experience collective consciousness and the harmonizing forces of universal love with a Spirit Quartz Cluster. Its unique assembly serves as a potent spiritual network, making it an invaluable part of your spiritual journey.

What Is a Spirit Quartz Cluster?

A captivating amalgamation of tiny Spirit Quartz points emanating from a larger central point, this cluster serves as a testament to communal strength and unity. Ideal for energizing communal spaces, family settings, or spiritual ceremonies.

Why a Spirit Quartz Cluster?

The Spirit Quartz Cluster is more than just a visually stunning addition to your space; it’s a spiritual powerhouse. This cluster forges a powerful connection between your conscious mind and higher self, inviting unprecedented levels of wisdom and self-love into your life.

Unity and Togetherness: The cluster brings forth a collective energy, perfect for collaborative efforts, diminishing ego, and promoting interdependence.

Deep Connection to Higher Self: Engage in a meaningful dialogue with your higher self, revealing your authentic essence and inviting unparalleled wisdom into your daily existence.

Emotional Resilience: Spirit Quartz  nurtures an atmosphere of emotional healing and serenity, offering a tranquil landscape for your emotions.

Key Benefits

  • Energizing Community: Amplify collective energies, directing them toward shared goals.
  • Spiritual Amplification: Boost the potency of other crystals in its vicinity.
  • Psychic Prowess: Hone your psychic and intuitive skills, allowing seamless communication with the higher self.

Fun Fact

Known as the “community crystal,” Spirit Quartz captures the essence of interdependency and mutual support.

Unique Uses

  • Collective Meditations: Amplify group energies during meditation.
  • Energetic Hub: Serve as a harmonious energetic focal point in common spaces.
  • Crystal Pairing Recommendations: Amethyst for spirituality, Rose Quartz for emotional balance, and Clear Quartz for general amplification.

Product Specifications

  • Size: 2.5″ x 2″
  • Weight : 126 grams
  • Stone Type: Spirit Quartz Cluster
  • Uses: Unity, Harmonious Interactions, Emotional Healing, Intuition
  • Chakra Alignment: Crown and Higher Crown Chakras