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The Sacred Forest Oracle


The Sacred Forest Oracle

Best-selling author and oracle expert Denise Linn guides you through the Sacred Forest Oracle. Introducing you to nature spirits and sacred realms with each lavishly illustrated card

Each card in the Sacred oracle deck is a special key that opens an energy portal to the Sacred Forest. A sacred realm similar to the legends of Tibetan Shambhala, the Mists of Avalon, and the Australian Dreamtime. Over the years, transformational teacher Denise Linn has used guided meditations to lead thousands of people into this magical dimension. Now, with the Sacred oracle, you can expand your consciousness and chart your own course through the vast mysteries and wonders of this inner landscape 

Colorful and intricately layered art adorn each of the 52 cards with depictions of ancient nature spirits and guardians of the realm. Storm Spirit invites you to embrace chaos; the Enchanted Fern Grotto offers refuge. The Sacred Forest Oracle cards tap into natural forces and your own inner knowledge to shed light on answers to long-sought questions. Dive deeper into the vibrational energy of each card with the free guided meditations that Denise has recorded.

ISBN -13  9781401960452

Dimensions :10.01 x 4.14 x 13.67 cm