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Amethyst Worry Stones


Amethyst Worry Stones: Embrace Serenity

Step into Peace with a Stone’s Caress

Amethyst, the stone of peace, radiates a royal purple hue that calms the mind and ushers in tranquility. We shape our Amethyst Worry Stones to create a restful experience for anyone seeking to quiet the noise of daily life.

Active Meditation with Worry Stones

Rubbing an Amethyst Worry Stone between your fingers actively engages your senses. This simple, grounding action can still your thoughts and ease stress. It serves as a portable retreat, offering peace whenever you seek it.

Amethyst’s Spiritual Gifts

Amethyst carries a reputation for its meditative and calming influence. This powerful stone promotes balance, patience, and peace. It works to:

  • Banish irritability, stabilize mood swings, and quell anger, fear, and anxiety.
  • Lift sadness and grief while transforming negativity into positive energy.
  • Awaken your spiritual awareness, sharpen intuition, and heighten psychic abilities.

Engage in Mini Meditation with Your Worry Stone

  1. Hold Your Stone: Let the Amethyst Worry Stone rest in your hand. Its cool touch grounds you, drawing you into a state of mindfulness.
  2. Clear Your Mind: Focus on the sensation of the stone, inviting stillness with each deep breath.
  3. Affirm Confidently: Say to yourself, “Peace surrounds me, my center is calm, and I find contentment within.”

Affirm Daily

“I carry inner peace like a sanctuary; I am rooted in tranquility, encircled by serenity.”

Product Specifications

  • Shape: The oval shape symbolizes life’s continuous ebb and flow of peace that amethyst provides.
  • Size: Each stone, at 1.75″ by 1.5″, anchors your reflective practice with its substantial presence.
  • Design: We polish each stone to a lustrous finish, showcasing the deep, comforting purple shades and the stone’s inherent beauty.
  • Material: We select premium Amethyst known for its serene energy and ability to foster a tranquil environment.
  • Chakra Association: The stone aligns with the Crown Chakra, promoting understanding and spiritual connectivity.
  • Element: It embodies the essence of Air, resonating with clear thought and mental clarity.