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Angel and the Ancestors Oracle


Angels and the Ancestors Oracle Cards

We have many guides who are helping us navigate through all our earthly challenges. Our strongest guides come in the form of Angels and Ancestors. This card deck will teach you to strengthen your connection with these wise beings.

Angels are divine beings that echo the heart of love. The Ancestors are the souls of departed wisdom keepers from all parts of the world. Together, the Angels and the Ancestors Oracle Cards bring a powerful offering of wisdom that can help us in our spiritual and physical life.

With this powerful oracle you can bridge the gap between this world and the other. You hold within your hands a key to great insightful medicine wisdom that will echo what you already know deep within. The Angels and Ancestors know what you need to know, and through this practice of connection and ceremony, you allow them to bring messages that will help you carve your path and live a life that is filled with magic. Angels and the Ancestors Oracle Cards are available for Pick-Up & Local Delivery

Angels and the Ancestors Oracle Cards Product dimensions:160 pages, 5.44 X 3.94 X 1.73 in

ISBN – 13:9781788170017