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Black Obsidian Crystal Bottles

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Black Obsidian Crystal Bottles: Vessels of Grounding and Protection

Introducing the Black Obsidian Crystal Bottles, a bold addition to our Zen Collection, crafted to anchor resilience, shield against negativity, and stimulate growth. These sleek glass bottles, filled with the reflective depth of Black Obsidian chips, stand as guardians of your personal space.

Features and Benefits

  • Quality Material: Our team carefully fills each glass bottle with genuine Black Obsidian chips, topped with a cork stopper to maintain the stone’s grounding properties.
  • Crystal Type: Black Obsidian, with its glossy allure, is famed for its protective qualities and support in personal growth.
  • Compact Design: Thoughtfully sized, these bottles offer a strong presence, bringing security and stability wherever they rest.

The Essence of Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian, a stone of cleansing and strength, is linked to the Root Chakra, fostering a solid foundation for the spirit. It’s the go-to crystal for those seeking to clear away emotional clutter, reveal truths, and start a journey of transformation. Known to benefit Scorpio and Sagittarius signs, Black Obsidian encourages resilience and self-awareness.

Versatile Uses for Your Crystal Bottles

  • Shield of Protection: Keep it close as a daily defender against negative energies.
  • Elegant Decor: Its striking appearance adds a touch of sophistication to any space while promoting an atmosphere of protection.
  • Growth Catalyst: Use it in your personal development practices to encourage strength and stability.
  • Companion for Change: Bring it along on travels or transitions as a supportive talisman.
  • Empowering Gift: Gift it to inspire courage and personal empowerment in the lives of your dear ones.

Product Specifications

  • Height: Approximately 3.25 inches, perfect for display or as a personal talisman.
  • Crystal Chip Size: The Black Obsidian chips, 5-7mm, are selected for their quality and vibrational energy.
  • Material: The glass bottles are chosen to display the Black Obsidian’s beauty and to resonate with its protective energy.
  • Capacity: We ensure a generous fill of Black Obsidian chips for continuous energy work.
  • Design: The clarity of the glass bottle ensures that the Black Obsidian chips are the centerpiece, enhancing any setting.

Choose Our Black Obsidian Crystal Bottles

Our Black Obsidian Crystal Bottles are more than just decorative; they serve as powerful tools for grounding and protection, accompanying you steadfastly on your life’s path.