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Boho Yoga Meditation Pillow


This locally handmade Boho Yoga Meditation Pillow is made with using highly professional skills, mindfulness and intention. This one-of-a-kind meditation pillow is made using only high-quality materials and is a must-have for any yoga room, meditation corner or any Boho themed room.

The Bohemian Style pillow is filled using an all natural filler - Buckwheat Shells. The overall weight of the pillow is approximately 8 lbs. This weight provides durability, stability and comfort during your meditation or yoga practice. Additionally the pillow cover can be removed and washed.

This pillow has intentionally been made slightly larger than most of the meditation pillows you will find on the market. This has been done for a number of reasons. First, not every body is the same size or shape. We believe in empowerment and feeling emotionally safe, rather than making meditation or yoga practice feel uncomfortable and not enjoyable.  The slightly larger size of the pillow does provides extra comfort, allowing you to really sink into your meditation , let go of your thoughts and really connect with your higher self. Additionally , this size ( and pattern) of the pillow is very inclusive which, makes them suitable for all genders, as all bodies are shaped differently. The dimensions of the pillow are approximate and are as follows 18" diameter and 5" heights / thickness.

KEY NOTES | Handmade Locally | 8lbs | 18" diameter and 5" height approx. | Larger than most pillows on the market| Bohemian Style | Removable and washable cover | Handle for easy transportation


This pillow has been mindfully made, with many fine details, you will not find any where else! The patterning on the Bohemian Style cotton fabric has been carefully cut and placed strategically to emphasize the bold design. On  one side of the pillow cover, you will notice a handle that has been padded for extra support and comfort . This makes travelling and transportation a breeze. Additionally, the zipper opening is made large enough to easily take off for cleaning and place the pillow back in after.

Washing Instructions

The pillow cover can be removed and washed on a delicate cycle. Hang to dry , do not place in dyer as shrinking may occur. Iron on low setting as desired. The pillow itself cannot be washed due to the natural filling

Don't Wait!!

This pillow is exclusively sold here, at Zen Collection. Typically once a pattern is gone it may be gone forever. So if you love it , we  suggest jumping on the opportunity. This is why it holds true to "one-of-a-kind". They are made one by one and are not factory produced.

Please Remember

These are completely handmade, so please kindly remember, weights, measurements, color variations , tiny imperfections may occur