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Elements Tarot Card Holder

$8.50 Regular price $17.99

Elements Tarot Card Holder – Clearance Special Due to Typo

Embrace the elemental power with a special offer on our “Elements Tarot Card Holder.” Due to a small spelling error, we’re offering this item at a clearance price. The word “fire” has been mistakenly etched as “fir,” but this unique piece retains all its functionality and charm.

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions: 75x250x4mm, perfectly sized to display tarot cards.
  • Card Slot Size: 220.5x2mm, offering a snug fit for your cards.
  • Material: Crafted from quality wood, featuring engraved symbols of the elements, despite the small typo in the fire symbol.

A Functional Conversation Piece

This tarot card holder is not just a functional tool for readers; it’s a conversation starter. The typo adds character and a story to the piece, making it a unique addition to your spiritual practice.

Perfect for Elemental Magic Practitioners

Celebrate the earth, air, water, and “fir” with this distinctive card holder. It’s an ideal choice for those who practice elemental magic or who wish to bring a touch of the natural world into their readings.

Special Clearance Offer

Take advantage of our special clearance price and own a perfectly functional piece with a quirky twist. It’s a reminder that perfection includes embracing the imperfections.

Ideal for Gifting or Personal Use

The Elements Tarot Card Holder makes a great gift or personal keepsake, especially for those who appreciate the energy of the elements and have a good sense of humor about the minor imperfections of life.

Care Instructions

Maintain your card holder by dusting it with a soft cloth. Its solid construction ensures longevity, typo and all, for countless readings to come.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to own an “Elements Tarot Card Holder” with a special touch. It’s a testament to the beauty of embracing flaws and the power of the elements.