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Goose Feathers


Natural Goose Feathers

Our Natural Goose Feathers are authentic hand-selected feathers, that increases mindfulness, wellness and positive energy.

Natural Goose Feathers are symbols of purity , freedom and compassion. Feathers are known to create a connection between you and the spiritual world.

Uses and Spiritual Significance

Energy Cleansing: These feathers are great for energy cleansing rituals , which help clear negative energies and invite serenity and positivity into your space.

Healing Practices: Incorporate them in reiki and other energy healing sessions to channel compassion, healing, and emotional balance.

Decorative Symbolism: Place them on your altar or within your sacred space as a reminder of inner peace , healing and tranquility.

Crafting and Art: Let your creativity flow by using these feathers in spiritual crafts.

Product Specifications

  • Length:7'- 9"
  • Type: Natural Goose Feathers
  • Uses: Energy Cleansing, Healing and Cleansing Rituals, Altar Decoration, Spiritual Symbolism, Crafting
  • Spiritual Significance: Enhanced Connection, Purification, Compassion and Emotional Tranquility

The Natural Goose Feathers symbolize a unique connection to the calming and nurturing aspects of the spirit. These are more than just feathers; they are tools to elevate your spiritual practices, enhance emotional balance, and create a peaceful atmosphere in your sacred space.