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Moonstone Bracelet


Elevate your spiritual and emotional well-being with our Moonstone Bracelet. Known for its connection to the moon and intuitive insight, Moonstone enhances emotional stability and promotes calmness. Its ethereal glow captures the essence of moonlight, symbolizing new beginnings and the cyclical nature of life. This bracelet is particularly beneficial for those seeking to embrace change, enhance psychic abilities, and foster a deeper understanding of their true emotions.

Healing Benefits

  • Emotional Balance: Moonstone helps stabilize emotions, providing calmness and easing stress in challenging times.
  • Intuition and Insight: Encourages a stronger connection to one’s intuition, making it a powerful tool for making decisions.
  • Fertility and Inner Growth: Often associated with fertility and rebirth, it nurtures personal growth and strength.
  • Protective Qualities: Offers protection during travel, particularly at night or over water.

Optimal Wearing Guide

  • Ideal Times to Wear: Wear during reflective meditation or at times of decision-making to harness its insightful properties. It is also ideal during new beginnings or transitions to provide balance and guidance.
  • Which Hand to Wear It On:
    • Right Hand: To project Moonstone’s calming and intuitive energies outward, enhancing your interactions with others.
    • Left Hand: For personal growth and to absorb the stone’s healing properties, promoting internal balance and insight.

Care & Maintenance

  • Keep Dry: Moonstone should be kept dry to maintain its luster and prevent any damage.
  • Avoid Chemicals: Protect the bracelet from harsh chemicals to preserve the quality of the stone.
  • Proper Handling: Gently roll the bracelet on and off your wrist to avoid undue stress on the elastic.

Disclaimer: While we ensure high-quality craftsmanship, the Moonstone beads and elastic components can experience wear over time. Proper care and maintenance as outlined above are essential. Zen Collection is not liable for damage due to improper use or care that deviates from our recommended guidelines. For any concerns or questions about your bracelet, please contact our support team.

Chakra & Zodiac Connections

  • Chakra: Third Eye and Crown — Enhances spiritual connection and emotional insight by activating the Third Eye and Crown Chakras.
  • Zodiac: Cancer — Resonates strongly with Cancer, aligning with their emotional and nurturing nature.
  • Element: Water — Mirroring the fluid, reflective qualities of water, Moonstone helps navigate change and enhances emotional clarity.

Product Specifications

  • Bead Size: 8mm — Ideal for daily wear, offering a delicate balance between presence and subtlety.
  • Materials: High-quality natural Moonstone, known for its iridescent and reflective sheen.
  • Craftsmanship: Each bracelet is handmade and made to order, ensuring a unique and personal piece.
  • Sizing Tips: Measure your wrist and add 1/4″ to 1/2″ for a comfortable fit.
  • Natural Variations: Each bead varies slightly in color and luminosity, reflecting the unique qualities of Moonstone.

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