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Oracle of the 7 Energies


Lavishly illustrated by Jena Della Grottaglia, this Oracle of the 7 Energies is inspired by the 7-chakra system. Internationally acclaimed oracle expert Colette Baron-Reid takes the traditional energetic map of consciousness and applies a modern perspective. Blending mystic energy work with Western psychology, to demonstrate how we as individuals create and experience our reality. Each of the seven chakras have seven cards dedicated to them. They all have subjects related to specific elements that support their energetic theme and explain how it applies to your life. May The Oracle of the 7 Energies Oracle guide you to your highest good, support your life’s adventures with love and wisdom, and show you the path to co-creating your most meaningful manifestations.

Product Code:9781401956974

Product Dimensions: 152 pages, 5.56 X 4.06 X 1.5 in