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Pink Mangano Triple Moon


Pink Mangano Triple Moon

The Celestial Partner for Emotional Harmony

What is a Pink Mangano Triple Moon good for?

Meticulously carved into a Triple Moon shape, this Pink Calcite moon is more than just a visually stunning piece. Known for its calming energies and strong connection to the moon’s phases, it’s a crystal that speaks to your emotional well-being. Ideal for those involved in emotional work or Reiki practitioners, the Pink Calcite Triple Moon is your go-to for balance, empathy, and serenity.

Why Choose This Triple Moon?

This extraordinary peice is a must-have for anyone invested in emotional and spiritual well-being. Whether you’re a Reiki practitioner, a therapist, or simply someone in need of emotional tranquility, this calcite piece offers a versatile approach to holistic wellness.

Key Benefits

  • Emotional Balance: Tune into your emotional self and find balance in a hectic world.
  • Empathy Booster: Enhance your ability to understand and share feelings with others.
  • Spiritual Serenity: Create a peaceful spiritual environment with its calming energies.

Unique Uses

  • Altar Piece: Place it on your spiritual altar to create a celestial vibe.
  • Moon Rituals: Incorporate this unique calcite into your moon ritual ceremonies for enhanced emotional insight.
  • Pocket Companion: Carry it with you to draw on lunar and emotional balancing energies when needed.
  • Jewelry Dish: Due to its beautifully carved Triple Moon shape, it serves as a stunning dish to hold your sacred jewelry, particularly rings, making it a functional piece of art in your daily life.

Product Specifications

  • Chakra: Heart
  • Size: 4″ approx.
  • Stone Type: Pink Calcite
  • Suggested Crystal Pairings: Carnelian, Moonstone