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Sandalwood Resin


Sandalwood  resin is the most prized resin available on the market today. In fact, it has been used since ancient times due to its overwhelming spiritual and medicinal healing properties. This sacred resin can be dated as far back as 5000 years, with its main consumers in located in India and Egypt. In Hinduism, Sandalwood is associated with good fortune and prosperity, in fact, this resin was buried with the those who have passed in hopes of higher incarnation.

Sandalwood resin, and incense have many wonderful benefits, but the most recognized include, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, reduces stress, relieves anxiety, calms the nerves, centers the mind and grounds the body.

Sandalwood Resin is of course, the first choice for those who desire to attain a higher level of spiritual devotion, with a direct connection to divine energy. Burning this resin will enhance your ability to reach higher states of consciousness. Lighting Sandalwood Resin before meditation will prepare the mind and settle the body to achieve greater spiritual awareness. Additionally, Sandalwood is a potent aphrodisiac, which has a sweet earthy aroma. enhancing sexual desire and passion.

Main Benefits of Sandalwood

  • enhances spiritual awareness
  • reduces stress and anxiety
  • aphrodisiac
  • anti-microbial
  • antibacterial
  • protection
  • insect repellant

This is what comes with your purchase

  • Selected size of resin bag
  • 1 Free Charcoal Disk
  • 1 Free Organza carrying bag

Size Options

30 gram bag | 100 gram bag

Key Notes

Origin: India | All Natural Incense | Sustainably sourced

How To Use

First, place a charcoal disc on a ceramic plate or charcoal burner. Please ensure this is in a safe area. With a lighter, ignite the charcoal disk. Ensure you light the disk properly or the disk will burn unevenly and may not burn resin as expected. Place a few pieces of resin on top of disk. When those pieces are completely burnt, replace with more resin chunks.  Now, just enjoy the pleasant aroma and soak in all the benefits Sandalwood has to offer.

Please Note: do not handle charcoal disk once lit, it will be very hot!!