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Satya Dragons Blood Incense


Satya Dragons Blood Incense sticks are one of the most popular incense products available. These incense sticks are hand-made in India using a blend of herbs, resins, flowers, and oils, then rolled onto bamboo sticks. Each box contains approximately 10-15 posts weighing 15 grams. The aroma of these Satya Dragon’s Blood incense sticks is simply divine and offers protection against external psychic attacks and harmful energies.

Burning these incense sticks will help in cleansing, unblocking, aligning, and expanding all your Chakras. It can also help remove any dense, negative energy from your body and surroundings, replacing it with purified energy. Burning incense before meditation or yoga can help prepare your mind and body for deeper concentration.

Satya Dragons Blood Incense provides the utmost protection for you and your space. Its beautiful aroma purifies the air, removing any negative energy while blocking any spiritual or psychic attacks. These sticks also help in preparing the mind for deep meditation and encourage spiritual mindfulness, inner stability, and emotional well-being.

Each stick has a burn time of approximately 45 minutes and weighs around 1 gram.

Benefits of Burning Incense

– Reduces stress and anxiety

– Raises spiritual awareness

– Removes negative energy

– Purifies the atmosphere

– Releases mental tension

History Of Incense

Burning incense and resin has been a practice worldwide for centuries, particularly in Asia, Egypt, China, and India. India is still the largest producer of incense sticks and has been using them since 3300 BC. Ancient China built structures specifically designed for incense use and most commonly used aromas such as cinnamon and sandalwood.

The Incense Route

The Incense Route was a trade route spanning over 2000 Km, connecting the Mediterranean to the Eastern and Southern parts of the world. This route made the exchange of incense, resin, spices, textiles, and precious stones much easier.