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Shungite Tumbles


Shungite Tumbles are known as a detox stone as they remove impurities  from within the mind, body and soul. These crystals are an all-over energy cleanser that creates a barrier to protect your energy . Shungite crystals will remove any negativity that has attached to your aura, leaving you feeling lighter and happier. We highly recommend using Shungite Tumbles to align and awaken all 7 Chakras,( especially beneficial for the Root) bringing complete inner balance and spiritual awareness. Another important property of Shungite is the ability to lower anger, frustration and increase emotion control. Shungite should be carried consistently to reduce these symptoms.

Chakra: Root | Origin: Russia | Size : 3/4″-1″ approx

How to Use

  • Use this stone to reduce anger and irritation
  • Place stones on chakras to remove energy blockages
  • Use this stone when working with the Root Chakra to lead you back to your roots
  • Place near electronics
  • Work with this stone to protect against negativity
  • Water purification: Add Shungite to drinking water to cleanse and energize it, benefiting from its potential antioxidant properties.
  • Place in the garden: Bury Shungite stones around plants to nourish and support plant growth.

Main Healing Properties

  • Activates and heals the Root Chakra
  • EMF Protection
  • increase passion and desire
  • improves self-confidence and security
  • Protects and Cleanses the aura
  • Energy Purification
  • Reduces Stress, increases  inner balance
  • Helps with mental clarity and focus
  • Intuition Enhancement