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Swift Charcoal Disks


Swift Charcoal disks come in a package of 10. Charcoal disks are used in the bottle of a resin burner , ceramic disk and cauldron to burn an assortment of resins, incense and herbs. Please ensure you are not holding Swift-Lite Charcoal while lighting. Burning resins, incense and herbs provide and natural aroma which can deepen spiritual awareness, burning resin, incense or herbs are highly recommended during meditation and yoga sessions to improve mental clarity.

Swift Lite Charcoal Size :33mm

Main Benefits of Burning Resin

  • enhances spiritual awareness
  • reduces stress and anxiety
  • aphrodisiac
  • anti-microbial
  • antibacterial
  • protection
  • insect repellant

How To Use Swift Charcoal Disks

First, place a charcoal disc on a ceramic plate or charcoal burner. An abalone shell with sand in the bottom will also work. Please ensure this is in a safe, monitored area. Light the charcoal disk with a lighter or match, the swift charcoal disk will then begin to heat up. Ensure you light the disk properly or the disk will burn unevenly and may not burn resin as expected. Once completely heated, place resin, loose incense, dried herbs or powders onto the hot disk. When those pieces are completely burnt, replace with additional incense.


  • Use dried rosemary to stimulate the brain. Improve mental clarity, increase memory
  • Use Lavender to reduce stress, tension and insomnia
  • Use Eucalyptus for cold season, to rid the environment of germs and open up the respiratory system
  • Use Sandalwood resin as a aphrodisiac
  • Use Frankincense resin before meditation
  • Use Dragon’s Blood resin for protection

Please Note : do not handle charcoal disk once lit, it will be very hot!!