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Vanity Karma


Vanity Karma consists of 353 pages

Searching for meaning in a meaningless world What is life for? What may give it meaning? Does it have any meaning at all?

A sage in ancient Israel brooded over these questions. In ancient India, too, such questions drove a despairing warrior to seek answers from his divine friend! Krishna The thoughts of the sage became the wisdom book Ecclesiastes those of Krishna, the Bhagavad gita. Their wisdoms speaks to our deepest concerns.

In Vanity Karma, wisdom meets wisdom as these two perennial classics come together, both offering us profound understanding And a deep and authentic spiritual understanding, we may find, can infuse our lives with meaning and with joy.

Vanity Karma brings you on a journey through the full text of Ecclesiastes, a journey illuminated by traditional biblical scholarship, insights from the Bhagavad git, a dash of autobiography, and steady spiritual focus.

“Scholars, seekers and others who find little satisfaction in current cultural reality maps should find good reading in this study of Qohelet  ” Rabbi Shaya Isenberg Emeritus Professor and Chair, Department of Religion University of Florida

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“Vanity Karma is a unique addition to the spiritual archives of our day and age, offering profound insights relevant to Truth seekers of any tradition