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Wild Unknown Archetypes Deck


In this wholly original, The Wild Unknown Archetypes Deck is a never-before-seen box set, the bestselling author who has redefined tarot for the twenty first century takes seekers on a journey of self discovery deep into the collective unconscious and through the realm of archetypes, where dreams and myths meet.

The deck includes 78 circular oracle cards divided into four suits: The Selves, The Places, The Tools, and The Initiations. Each archetype has been carefully selected for its symbolic potency and the lesson at the core of its nature. Accompanying the deck is a 224 page hand lettered, fully illustrated guidebook. The Book is written and designed by Krans, which details the meaning behind each card and offers clear, grounded explanations of the many spreads, practices, and concepts that power the Archetypes deck.

A beautiful and inclusive tool for self exploration. The Wild Unknown Archetypes Deck is sure to enchant readers drawn to personal study, symbology, and lore.

Product dimensions:224 pages, 6.12 X 6.12 X 0.98 in
ISBN – 13:9780062871770