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Restful Sleep Gift Set


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This luxurious Restful Sleep Gift Set was created with the intention of bringing the mind to a deep relaxed state, to ensure a perfect nights sleep.

This crystal gift set checks off all the boxes when it comes to restoration, relaxation and inner peace. First, infuse your crystals in the provided sea salt. Next, light the candle and the Lavender incense to create a comforting and relaxing atmosphere. Once settled, gently place the eye pillow over eyes and forehead. Lastly, Don’t forget to keep your Howlite crystals on or near your body to receive their healing energy. Now Just breath! 

This Restful Sleep Gift Set Contains:
  • 1  Weighted Eye Pillow (Lavender or Unscented ) is handmade and filled with 200gms of flax seeds and organic lavender buds. The cover is removable and washable( care instructions below).  4 1/2″ width x 9 1/2″ long | 200 grams ( all approx.)
  • 1 – Box of Hem Lavender Incense :approx. 20gms/ 20 sticks
  • 1 – Howlite Crystal Palm Stone (  2″ long 1.5″wide 3/4″ thick) approx.
  • 1 – Howlite Crystal Tumble ( 1″ long 3/4″ wide 1/2″ thick) approx.
  • 1 – Howlite Crystal Worry Stone (  1 1/2″ long 1 1/2″ wide 1/8″ thick)  approx.
  • 1 – 7oz (200 gms) Calm & Collection Cleansing Salt
  • 1 – Unscented Tealight (4hrs burn time)
  • 1 – FREE Velvet Crystal Carrying Bag ( Colors Vary)



Weighted Pillow
This pillow is a great addition to meditation/ yoga sessions to support deeper focus and block out any outside distractions. The weighted pillow is very versatile and can also be used to relief headaches. TIP: Use the pillows for aromatherapy. ( drop essential oils onto a tissue and tuck it into the cover). Additionally, use this as a cold/ hot pack for tired, achy muscles.
Pillow cover may be washed on a delicate washing cycle and hang dried. Iron if necessary. DO NOT WASH PILLOW.

Howlite Crystals:

Howlite Tumbles carry a tranquil energy that calm the mind by removing excessive thoughts and worry, making these the perfect antidote to fight against insomnia. Additionally, these Howlite crystals are perfect for those looking to control their anger and frustration by increasing their patience and tolerance levels. Furthermore,  Howlite stones deflect negativity, anger and aggression that is directed towards you, which is ideal for people  who want to avoid confrontation. Spiritually, Howlite tumbles are connected to your Third Eye , which increases spiritual wisdom and intuition.

How To Use Your Crystals:
  • Place tumble into the cover of the meditation pillow to help activate the Third Eye during meditations. This will decrease insomnia, while also, increasing intuition and higher knowledge
  • Keep the crystal palm stone in your pocket during stressful situations or emotional conversations to absorb negativity.
  • Use the Worry stone as a form of reflexology. Applying gentle pressure to your thumb, releases endorphins into your system, which in turn reduces stress, anxiety and worry.


Before working with your crystals place them in the salt to boost their tranquil properties to optimize their calming effects This purifying sea salt and herb mixture will not only remove stagnant energy from your crystals, but the herbs used such as lavender and rose petals work cohesively to infuse the crystals with soothing vibrations that will help keep you and your thoughts “Calm & Collected”. However, not all crystals are safe to place in salt, so please do some research to ensure your crystals are safe for salt cleansing. If you prefer, place your crystals “indirectly” in the salt by placing them in a bag , or small dish and then place in the salt.


We strive to source high quality crystals but these are natural stones, meaning they will vary in size, shape and color. They may also contain natural inclusions and blemishes which unfortunately is out of our control. We ensure transparency by showing our customers any blemishes in the provided pictures,  but unfortunately, cannot guarantee they will show through. Rest assured, we will gladly provide additional pictures at your request.


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