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Floral Bliss Neck Wrap


Floral Bliss Neck Wrap: Comforting Embrace, Versatile Use

Discover the comforting touch of our Floral Bliss Neck Wrap. This exquisite addition to our wellness collection marries elegant design with multifunctional comfort. Adorned with a beautiful floral pattern, it’s not just for your neck. This versatile companion is perfect for meditation, yoga, and even energy work like reiki.

Unveiling the Versatile Neck Wrap

Unlike traditional neck wraps, the Floral Bliss Neck Wrap is designed for a variety of uses. It enhances physical comfort and supports spiritual and emotional well-being. Its construction features individual pockets. This ensures the natural flax seed filling remains evenly distributed, providing consistent, soothing pressure wherever it’s applied.

Benefits and Usage

  • Multipurpose Comfort: Draped over your shoulders, placed on your waist, or laid across energy centers, this neck wrap adapts to your needs.
  • Enhanced Meditation and Yoga: It deepens meditation, enhances yoga, or supports energy work, making sessions more profound.
  • Stress Relief: The wrap’s warmth or coolness aids in relieving stress, soothing muscles, and promoting relaxation.

How to Enjoy Your Neck Wrap

  • For Warmth: Microwave the wrap in short intervals for comforting warmth.
  • For Cooling Relief: Chill it in the freezer for a refreshing touch.

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions: 26″ L x 6″ W, ensuring versatile use and coverage.
  • Weight: 600 grams, for optimal pressure and comfort.
  • Materials: Comes with a removable 100% cotton cover for easy washing (hang dry recommended) and a durable muslin inner, filled with natural flax seeds.
  • Design: Sewn into individual pockets to keep weight evenly distributed.

Special Notes

This neck wrap is an integral tool for anyone seeking to enhance their wellness routine. Its floral design adds joy and serenity to your practice, making it a perfect gift.

Care and Maintenance

  • The cotton cover is removable and machine washable. For best care, hang dry is recommended.
  • Keep the inner wrap dry and air out as needed to maintain freshness.

A Multifaceted Wellness Accessory

Ideal for those embracing a holistic lifestyle, this neck wrap enhances a range of practices and routines. It invites an exploration of comfort and relaxation across all your senses.

Embrace the soothing embrace of the Floral Bliss Neck Wrap and experience ultimate relaxation.