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Abundance Candle


Abundance Candle: Unleash Your Path to Prosperity and Success

Transform your surroundings and open your world to boundless potential with our Reiki-infused Abundance Candle. This is not just a candle—it’s an invitation to a transformative spiritual experience.

Essential Oil Aromas

  • Clove: Spicy and warming
  • Citronella: Fresh and uplifting
  • Lemon Balm: Calming and soothing
  • Cinnamon: Sweet and spicy
  • Nutmeg: Earthy and aromatic


Each pillar candle is handcrafted in New England, USA, and further elevated by Reiki energy to enhance your ritual’s intentionality. Created from the finest paraffin wax with metal-free wicks, this candle offers a clean, smoke-free burn.

How to ‘Charge Your Candle

  • Find Your Sacred Space: Sit where you feel most at peace.
  • Envelop in White Light: Surround and protect yourself with the magical white light of the universe.
  • Hold and Feel: Grasp the unlit candle and feel its latent energy.
  • Transfer Energy: Channel the candle’s magical energy into your being where it’s needed most.
  • Light and Recite: Finally, light your candle and say the candle’s blessing: “Manifest a miracle! I will it so…So be it.”

Guiding Affirmation

May an abundance of goodness flow freely into my life. Allow me to be receptive to the treasures that present themselves, enriching my life’s journey.


  • Approximate Burning Time: 25 to 30 hours (keep wick trimmed to 1/4 inch)
  • Approximate Height: 7″
  • Crafted in: New England, USA
  • Reiki-Infused: Yes

A Timeless Tradition

Hailing from the vibrant spiritual community of New England, our Reiki-infused candles serve as a nexus between the physical and metaphysical, the tangible and the enigmatic.

Suggested Rituals

To boost your business or tackle new challenges, consider pairing this Abundance Candle with our Problem-Solving Candle. Together, they create an unbeatable synergy.