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Abundance Crystal Set


Attracting Personal Abundance and Financial Stability is on the top of the majority of peoples achievement list. This is why we have created the Abundance Crystal Set, to help you manifest wealth, increase your success, and get you closer to all of your dreams and desires.

Each crystal included in the Abundance Crystal set has it's own unique healing properties, that work cohesively with one another to optimize and balance the energy. Please Note you will not receive the exact crystals shown, instead will receive an intuitively chosen Abundance Crystal Set.

This Abundance Crystal Set includes

  •  1 - Citrine Crystal Tumble : stone of abundance, attracts success and wealth, clears solar plexus, improves energy levels and intuition
  • 1 - Green Aventurine Crystal Tumble:  Stone of prosperity, brings positivity and leadership skills, calms emotions & irritability, presents alternative possibilities
  • 1 - Garnet Crystal Tumble: Awakens the life force energy, builds strength, passion and confidence, encourages personal growth, used to manifest dreams and desires
  • 1 - Clear Quartz Crystal Tumble : Amplifies the vibrations of other stones, supports mental clarity and focus, brings positivity to situations
  • 1 - Raw Pyrite Crystal Chunk : reduces anxiety , stress and calms nervousness, encourages self growth and balance
  • 1 - Velvet Carrying Bag ( Colors Vary)
  • 1 - Crystal Description Card

 How to use your Crystals?

Place this  Abundance Crystal Set in your wallet, bag, purse or cash register to attract financial success. Additionally, these crystal tumbles can be used to create a mini grid to manifest  prosperity and healing.

Main Healing Properties


Citrine crystals are the Stone of Abundance and will activate your Solar Plexus increasing strength to reach your goals.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is the Stone of prosperity, bringing positivity into uncertain situations and easing irritation and anger.


Garnet crystals balance the Root Chakra, increasing the life force energy. Additionally, Garnet encourages you to go after your desires with passion and high energy.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz Crystal Tumbles amplify the energy of other crystals, increasing their healing properties. Furthermore, Clear Quartz will increases mental concentration.


Raw Pyrite Chunks is known as Fools Gold. It is used to manifest financial security. Pyrite balances the Solar Plexus increasing personal will and strength

Please Note : you will not receive the exact same crystals as shown.