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Amazonite and Sandalwood Mala


This stunning Amazonite and Sandalwood Mala has been intuitively and mindfully hand knotted. This Mala is hand knotted using 108 beads, 1 larger Tigers Eye bead or commonly referred to as the guru bead. To finish the mala off we have added a down right gorgeous Emerald Green Tassel!

Malas are necklaces that are traditionally used in Buddhist and Hindu meditation practices to help keep track of their mantra meditation. To Use your mala, simply hold your mala in your hand and place the beads in between your middle finger and thumb. Starting at one side of the guru bead, begin your mantra or intention for the meditation. Every time you repeat your mantra or intention move onto the next bead. This process will greatly deepen your concentration and consciousness.

This Amazonite and Sandalwood Mala is perfect for those who desire true inner peace and harmony. Holding this crystal will balance any emotional distress while washing away fear and anxiety. Amazonite tumbles are beneficial for those who work with electronic on a daily basis as this crystal creates an invisible bubble around you, protecting against radioactive waves and deflecting electronic pollution.

Amazonite crystals can be used during meditations to unblock the Throat Chakra. This will enhance the ability to express your true inner self. This stone  encourages healthy conversations to avoid  harmful confrontations.

Handmade | Chakra: Third Eye, Throat, Heart | Origin: Afghanistan | 1″ x 1″- 1 1/4″ x 1 1/4″ approx.

How to Use

  • Use during meditation to keep track of mantra or meditation intention
  • Keep on desk to protect against radioactive waves and electronic pollution
  • Place stones on chakras to remove energy blockages
  • Use this stone when working with the Throat Chakra to build confidence in self expression
  • Place in meditation or yoga room to promote harmony within the space
  • Reduce anxiety and fear promoting inner peace and contentment
  • Place in common areas of home to raise the vibration of the atmosphere and encourage peace and harmony

Main Healing Properties

  • Activates the  Throat, Third Eye and Heart Chakra
  • increases intuition, self expression and truthfulness
  • improves anxiety, sadness or depression
  • Cleanses the aura
  • Actively protects against electronic pollution
  • Reduces Stress , increases  inner balance
  • Helps calm an over active mind