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Amethyst Pendulum


Allow this hand carved Amethyst Pendulum spiritually guide you through important decisions and all of your burning questions. Pendulums are a vehicle  in which create a connection  to your higher self ,spiritual knowledge and awareness. Amethyst pendulums are a very spiritual crystal, stimulating the Third Eye  Chakra. This will enhance intuition, reduce anxiety and protect against negativity.

How to use your Amethyst Pendulum

First Ground your energies. Really take a few moments to settle the mind and let go of all your thoughts. Another suggestion, before you begin working with your crystal/stone pendulum to cleanse it with a cleansing stick. This process ensures the removal of any stagnant energy the crystal may be carrying. P.S We do cleanse all of our crystals during the packaging process , but this is still an encouraged ritual to build a deeper connection with your new  Amethyst pendulum.  

Second: Make a connection with your  pendulum. An effective way build a connection with your pendulum is by meditating just a few moments while holding it. Also, remember to always have respect for your pendulum!!  

Three: Establish an understanding with your pendulum. Ask your pendulum to show you a “yes” . Then ask your pendulum to show you a “no”. Once you understand how your pendulum moves , you will have a greater understanding of your pendulum. Using a pendulum mat is also very useful tool to build a understanding with your pendulum. Remember: always thank your pendulum for answering your questions.  

Four: Ask away !!! Ensure you ask clear & simple , yes /no questions or you will not receive a clear answer. Ensure you do not have the answers you want in your mind, instead allow the pendulum to show you the answer!