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Amethyst Root


Amethyst is one of the most ancient stones available on the market and has a rich history. This stone is known to be worn by many royals, and In fact, amethyst is mentioned in many historical artefacts. This Amethyst Root is a must-have if you are looking to heighten your meditation experience by accessing deeper states of consciousness, which will lead to enlightenment. This crystal will expand the Crown Chakra and deepen the connection with your higher self and spirit guides.

This Amethyst Root is a  highly spiritual and powerful stone, reducing stress and remove negative energy from the environment. Holding amethyst crystals during meditation may help you reach higher states of  consciousness and spiritual awareness. Amethyst may help bring inner healing, and allow for a deeper connection with oneself.

Origin: Indian | Chakra: Crown | Size: 7 1/4 “l x 3″w approx. | Weight: 704 grams

Main Healing Properties

  • Promote relaxation and reduces anxiety and tension
  • Helps reduce addiction to unhealthy habits
  • Helps attain spiritual enlightenment
  • Wards off negative energy
  • Improves mood by encouraging inner peace and harmony

How To Use Your Crystal

  • Keep close by to deflect negative energy
  • Use to create crystals grids
  • Keep around house for spiritual reminders
  • Hold or place near Crown Chakra to increase spiritual knowledge
  • Use to during meditation to reach higher states of consciousness
  • work with this stone to empower your higher self
  • keep stone on desk to reduce stress and anxiety levels