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Apophyllite Cluster


This Apophyllite Cluster carries a undeniably powerful energy and is believed to carry wisdom of the Akashic Record. This Apophyllite Cluster is connected to the Third Eye and Crown Chakra. When these two chakras are bonded they will allow you see to have a deeper understanding of the visuals you may experience during meditation. Having an open and expanded Third Eye will assist in strengthening intuition, psychic abilities and self realization. Apophyllite crystals can help reduce anxiety, obsessive worrying which defers any negative thought patterns.

Keep Apophyllite is common areas to balance out negative energy and bring nothing but love and light into the atmosphere. Another tip is to keep close to your body during meditation to summon your spirit guides for direction and guidance.

KEY NOTES : Handmade | Origin: Brazil |Chakra: Third Eye & Crown| **DIMENSIONS**| Size: 6″h x 3.5″w | Weight: 953 grams

How To Use Your Crystal

  • Use during meditation to connect to your spirit guides
  • Use this stone to reach higher consciousness and dimensions
  • Hold using stressful situations to relieve anxiety and worry
  • Use to cleanse aura and unblock chakras
  • Hold or keep in pocket to heal emotional trauma
  • Keep in common areas to enhance positive vibrations

Main Healing Properties

  • Connects you to your spirit guides
  • Opens, expands and binds the Third Eye and Crown
  • Extremely healing for the mind, body and soul
  • Raises vibration and eliminates low vibrations ( negative energy)