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Black Moon Phase Sphere Holder

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Black Moon Phase Sphere Holder

Cosmic Elegance for Your Sacred Space

Introduce the celestial charm of our Black Moon Phase Sphere Holder to your spiritual ensemble. this piece is a potent symbol of the lunar cycle’s influence on both the cosmos and the course of our lives.

Intricate Design Meets Celestial Harmony

The holder features a striking moon phase design, exquisitely detailed in golden hues against a matte black background, representing the ebb and flow of energy through time. It’s a beautiful reminder of the universe’s vastness and the intimate connection we share with it.

Perfect Harmony of Form and Function

This sphere holder is not only a visual treat but also a practical tool. The precisely carved 15mm hole securely houses your crystal balls, ensuring they remain the stars of your sacred space.

Embrace the Lunar Cycle

Moreover, as each phase of the moon holds unique energies, this holder invites you to reflect on the changing aspects of your life with each passing phase. It encourages a rhythmic and mindful approach to your spiritual practices.

A Daily Reminder of Universal Ties

Incorporate this holder into your daily life as a grounding object that connects your spiritual practice with the cosmic dance of the heavens. It’s a tactile representation of the moon’s powerful influence over the natural world and our inner selves.

A Touch of Astral Magic

Beyond its spiritual utility, the Black Moon Phase Sphere Holder brings an element of astral magic to any room. Its compact size and evocative imagery fit beautifully on any altar, desk, or nightstand.


  • Size: 83×75.5×4.5mm
  • Hole Diameter: 15mm
  • Material: Durable wood with a sophisticated black finish
  • Design: Engraved moon phases with golden accents

Ideal for Astrology Enthusiasts and Collectors

Gift this Black Moon Phase Sphere Holder to the astrology enthusiast in your life or keep it for yourself as a functional piece of cosmic art. It’s an ideal way to display and appreciate the beauty of your spheres while honoring the celestial forces that guide us.