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Black Moth and Skull Card Holder


Black Moth and Skull Card Holder

A Gothic Touch to Your Tarot Experience

Invoke the mystical allure of the night with our Black Moth and Skull Card Holder. This holder is an essential for those who draw wisdom from the tarot amidst the gothic echoes of moth and skull symbolism.

Elegantly Macabre Design

Adorned with a striking golden moth and skull, this card holder embodies the beauty of life’s dualities. It captures a delicate balance between transformation and the eternal, making it a profound centerpiece for any spiritual practice.

Curate Your Cards in Style

The carefully crafted slot, sizing up at 220x2mm, accommodates your tarot cards securely. It ensures that your daily draw or featured card is held in place, adding an air of elegance and introspection to your reading space.

Contemplate Life’s Mysteries

Furthermore, the moth and skull motif serves as an invitation to delve deeper into the unknown. It’s a visual narrative that encourages exploration of the mysteries of life and the insights that tarot can offer.

Set the Scene for Divination

Incorporate this card holder into your ritual to ground your practice in a powerful visual narrative. It’s not just a holder—it’s a statement of intent and a testament to the journey within the veil.

A Visual Ode to the Arcane

Beyond its functional use, the Black Moth and Skull Card Holder is a work of art. Its bold design and mystical imagery are sure to draw the eye and stir the soul, making it a conversation piece for any collection.


  • Dimensions: 254×76.2x5mm
  • Slot Size: 220x2mm
  • Material: Sturdy wood with a dark, elegant finish
  • Design: Engraved moth and skull with starry accents

Gift the Essence of Gothic Romance

Present this Black Moth and Skull Card Holder as a gift to the tarot reader who cherishes the dance of darkness and light. It’s an ideal choice for anyone who finds beauty in the gothic and the grace in transformation