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Black Skull Multi Card Holder


Black Skull Multi Card Holder

Embrace the Mystique of the Cosmos

Channel the profound depth of the universe with our Black Skull Multi Card Holder, a striking piece that embodies the enigmatic allure of the night sky. This board makes a bold statement for any tarot enthusiast.

A Convergence of Symbolism and Style

This card holder, emblazoned with a golden skull set against a celestial backdrop, offers a rich tapestry of symbolism. The skull, a timeless emblem of knowledge and the passage of time, is surrounded by stars and cosmic shapes, evoking a sense of wonder and eternity.

Crafted for the Curator of Mysteries

The precisely crafted slot, measuring 220x2mm, is perfectly sized to hold a variety of tarot cards. It provides a secure and visually stunning display, ensuring that your daily draws are both accessible and dramatically presented.

A Portal to Otherworldly Wisdom

Furthermore, this card holder isn’t just a practical item—it’s a portal. Each use invites contemplation on the deeper meanings behind the cards, enhanced by the skull’s reminder of the infinite cycle of life and rebirth.

A Centerpiece for Rituals and Readings

Incorporate this holder into your daily tarot rituals to ground your practice in a powerful visual narrative. It serves as a centerpiece that not only secures your cards but also intensifies the ambiance of your readings.

Bold Design for a Profound Impact

Not only does the Black Skull Multi Card Holder command attention as a functional accessory for tarot readings, but it also stands as a profound piece of art. Its bold design and mystical imagery are sure to captivate and inspire reflection.


  • Dimensions: 254×76.2x5mm
  • Slot Size: 220x2mm
  • Material: Premium wood with a striking black finish
  • Design: Engraved with a golden skull and celestial elements

An Exquisite Gift for the Divination Aficionado

Offer this Black Skull Multi Card Holder as a thoughtful gift to the divination devotee in your circle, or select it for your own collection as a symbol of the mysterious journey that is life.