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Black Snake Multi Card Holder


Black Snake Multi Card Holder

Mystical Elegance for Your Tarot Collection

Unveil the serpentine charm of our Black Snake Multi Card Holder, a striking piece that brings an aura of mystery to your tarot card display. This holder is designed to cradle your cards within its sleek, enchanting embrace.

A Fusion of Darkness and Light

This card holder, adorned with an exquisite snake design and celestial motifs in golden hues, serves as a stunning contrast against its black backdrop. It captures the enigmatic essence of the snake—a symbol of wisdom, rebirth, and transformation.

Tailored Slot for Multiple Cards

The precisely engineered slot, measuring 220x2mm, accommodates multiple tarot cards. It provides a secure and visible presentation, ensuring your daily draw or spread is both accessible and elegantly displayed.

Embrace the Mystical Path

Furthermore, the snake design is a powerful reminder to shed old ways and embrace new paths with each tarot reading. It’s a tool that not only holds your cards but also encourages you to delve deeper into your spiritual practice.

An Altar to Ancient Wisdom

Incorporating this holder into your space creates an altar to the timeless wisdom of tarot. It serves as a dedicated spot for your cards, inviting you to reflect on the transformative messages they reveal.

A Statement Piece for Any Space

Not only is this holder a practical accessory for tarot enthusiasts, but it also stands out as a statement piece in any room. Its bold design and mystical imagery are sure to captivate and spark conversation.


  • Dimensions: 254×76.2x5mm
  • Slot Size: 220x2mm
  • Material: Premium wood with a sophisticated black finish
  • Design: Engraved with a snake and sun, moon, and stars

A Gift for the Divination Devotee

Present this Black Snake Multi Card Holder as a gift to a tarot aficionado or as a transformative addition to your own mystical toolkit. It’s an ideal choice for anyone who appreciates the blending of practicality with the profound.