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Blue Apatite Tumbles


Blue Apatite Tumbles are a Stone of Manifestation, attuned to the past and future. These crystals promote spiritual growth and advancement with your psychic abilities. Blue Apatite stones will help cleanse the aura, and are highly recommended for a Third Eye Chakra Meditation. These Blue Apatite Tumbles will help with  perfecting communication skills, which in turn, will reduce negativity, anger and irritability within relationships.

How To Use Your Crystals?

  • One way to use your Blue Apatite crystals is to place them between you and your loved one during important conversation. Having the crystal present will reduce anger and negativity and boost the lines of communication.
  • Another way to utilize these Blue Apatite crystals is to place them directly on your Third Eye Chakra during meditations. This will cleanse and activate your Third Eye, improving spiritual or psychic abilities
  • Additionally, these blue crystals can be kept in your pocket to protect your aura from any negativity attaching itself
  • Alternatively, place the Blue Apatite tumbles on a grid to manifest you dreams and desires. TIP: pick on intention that resonates with the stone ” I want to improve communication with my partner” or  ” I want to increase my psychic abilities”

Main Healing Properties

  • Unblocks Third Eye & Throat Chakra
  • Increases intuition, psychic abilities
  • Manifests your intentions
  • Builds communication with others including spirit guides
  • Reduces irritability,

Key Notes | Origin: China  | Chakra: Throat & Third Eye


Size: vary in size and weight approx. 1- 1 1/2″L X  1- 1 1/2″W

We strive to source high quality crystals but these are natural stones, meaning they will vary in size, shape and color. They may also contain natural inclusions and blemishes which unfortunately is out of our control

We strive to be completely transparent by showing our customers any blemishes in the provided pictures and video but cannot guarantee they will show through. Rest assured, we will gladly provide additional pictures at your request.