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Braided Sweetgrass



Braided Sweetgrass is considered to be sacred among the indigenous people, and should be treated with care and respect. The harvesting process takes place in between June and July and is cut with great care to ensure the root system is not damaged. When Sweetgrass is cut , Indigenous people practice the rule of “never take more than needed”. The grass is then left to dry by the sun before it is braided.


There are varying beliefs regarding Braided Sweetgrass between the communities, but all have a rich meaning behind their beliefs. Some Indigenous communities believe the sweetgrass is the hair of Mother Earth. Furthermore, they believe the three stands of the braid represent mind, body and soul. While others believe it to represent love, kindness and honesty.

Sweetgrass is used during energy cleansing rituals because of its powerful healing effect. It  purifies the mind and environment, while also eliminate negative thoughts.

Size: 18-20″

How To use Braided Sweetgrass 

Braided Sweetgrass is very beneficial for purifying  negative energy that is attached you, your environment or surrounding objects. Here is a quick run down of the energy cleansing process. Of course, this is just a quick reference , always follow your intuition and do what feels right for you.

  • First, light the end of the sweetgrass,  Ensure you have lit it sufficiently or it will burn out quickly
  • Keep your abalone shell or energy cleansing pot close by to catch the falling ashes
  • Starting at your front door, use your feather to distribute the smoke to all corners of the home .Following the perimeter of your home, while moving in a clockwise direction. Stopping and paying extra attention to areas that have dense energy.
  • Continue the process until every room is complete
  • For energy cleansing yourself wave the braid intuitively back and forth from head to toe , ensuring you cleanse your entire aura.
  • To Cleanse  your crystals or objects: pass them through the smoke until they feel lighter and purified.
  • Once Cleansing ritual is complete, snuff your braid out entirely in bottom of your abalone shell or energy cleansing pot. Save for next time.
  • Never throw braided sweet grass out in the garbage. If there is ever an unusable piece, place it outside on the land, out of respect.

When Should I Energy Clean?

  • On a weekly or bi-weekly basis
  • During and after sickness has entered the home
  • Moving into a new home
  • After social gatherings
  • During stressful situations
  •  When your energy is low
  • When your crystals or spiritual tools or not working as well

Please Note

These are all natural products lengths will vary. Please also expect natural imperfections and blemishes