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Butterfly Tarot and Candle Holder


Butterfly Tarot and Candle Holder

Illuminate Your Readings with Symbolic Beauty

Enhance your tarot practice with the dual charm of our Butterfly Tarot and Candle Holder. This multifunctional piece is designed to hold both your card of the day and a soothing candle, creating a perfect ambiance for introspection and reflection.

Delicate Craftsmanship for Serene Spaces

Engraved with the gentle grace of a butterfly—a symbol of transformation and lightness of being—this holder invites you to bask in the tranquility of your readings. Its wooden surface, adorned with phases of the moon and floral accents, brings a natural and peaceful presence to any setting.

Dual Purpose, Harmonious Design

This holder uniquely combines a slot for tarot cards and a space for a candle, offering a harmonious blend of form and function. As you lay down your card, light a candle to set the intention for your reading, inviting clarity and warmth into the moment.

A Guiding Light for Your Journey

Moreover, as the candle flickers and the butterfly imagery reminds you of life’s cycles, this holder becomes a guiding light on your spiritual journey. It serves as a reminder that growth often unfolds in the soft glow of quiet moments.

A Ritualistic Centerpiece

Furthermore, by incorporating this holder into your daily rituals, you create a sacred space for meditation and divination. It turns the simple act of drawing a card or lighting a candle into a meaningful practice.

Stylish and Functional

Beyond its spiritual uses, this holder’s elegant design makes it a stylish addition to any room. It holds your tarot cards and candles with sophistication, ensuring they become a focal point of your decor.


  • Dimensions: 9.5×3.4×0.6 inches
  • Material: Natural wood with intricate butterfly and moon phase engravings
  • Function: Accommodates one tarot card and one candle

A Thoughtful Gift for the Spiritually Minded

Lastly, present this Butterfly Tarot and Candle Holder as a heartfelt gift to a friend who cherishes the art of tarot, or invite it into your own practice as a beacon of personal evolution and calm.