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Calcite Geodes


What Are Calcite Geodes?

Calcite Geodes: The Radiance of Amplified Energies. Calcite Geodes are beautiful formations of Calcite crystals encased in a rock shell, often resembling precious hidden treasure. Sourced from the mystical landscapes of Morocco, these matching halves reveal deep pockets abundant with sparkling crystals. You will receive one pair

Why Choose Geodes?

Calcite Geodes are more than just eye-catching decor; they serve as amplifiers of energy, making them exceptional tools for distance healing and energy work.

Personal Energy Amplification: Calcite Geodes magnify the energy around them, energizing your sacred spaces and uplifting the spirit.

Distance Healing: Particularly beneficial for those practicing remote spiritual healing, these Geodes help to enhance the healing energies sent across distances.

Emotional Balance: Calcite can instill a sense of calm and emotional equilibrium, perfect for those turbulent days when you need a moment of Zen.

Enhanced Meditation: With their natural propensity to focus and amplify energies, Crystal Geodes can be a powerful ally during your meditation sessions.

Key Benefits

  • Holistic Energizer: Enrich any space with the magnifying energies of Calcite Geodes.
  • Vibrational Attunement: Sync your energies with the frequencies emitted by these Geodes for an elevated spiritual experience.
  • Emotional Harmony: Instill your environment with emotional balance and tranquility.

Fun Fact

Did you know Calcite is often associated with cleansing? Its amplification powers can cleanse a room, making it an ideal addition to any space that needs a little energetic reset.

Unique Uses

Place in Meditation Space: Position your Geodes in your meditation area to enhance focus and deepen your practice.

Gift of Healing: A perfect gift for practitioners of Reiki or any form of energy healing.

Product Specifications

  • Size: 1lb – 1.5lbs
  • Stone Type: Calcite Geodes
  • Uses: Energy Amplification, Emotional Balance, Distance Healing
  • Chakra: Generally associated with the Crown Chakra