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Card of the Day Holder


Card of the Day Holder

Daily Inspiration, Beautifully Displayed

Begin your day with focus and intention with our “Card of the Day Holder.” Measuring 253mm in length and 6mm in width, this elegantly crafted holder is designed to prominently display your tarot or oracle card, offering daily insights and inspiration.

Sleek and Sturdy Design

Crafted with precision, the holder’s 5mm thickness ensures stability and durability. Its clean lines and natural wood finish bring a touch of simplicity and serenity to your daily practice.

Perfect Groove for Your Daily Guide

The precisely cut groove, 200x2mm, is ideal for holding your chosen card securely. It allows you to reflect on the day’s message, setting the tone for a mindful and guided experience.

Enrich Your Spiritual Routine

Our holder is more than just a functional item; it’s a ritual enhancer. The “Card of the Day” engraving and accompanying celestial motifs serve as a reminder of the greater connections and cycles we are all a part of.

A Centerpiece for Reflection

Let this holder be the centerpiece of your altar or reading space. It encourages a daily habit of reflection and provides a clear space for the card that calls out to you each morning.

Tailored for Tarot Enthusiasts

With its minimalist design and cosmic accents, this holder is perfect for tarot enthusiasts looking to integrate a daily card pull into their routine, whether for meditation, contemplation, or guidance.


  • Width: 6mm
  • Length: 253mm
  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Groove Dimensions: 200x2mm
  • Material: High-quality wood with a smooth finish
  • Design: Engraved with ‘Card of the Day’ and celestial decorations

Ideal for Everyday Wisdom

Gift this “Card of the Day Holder” to someone special, or treat yourself to a dedicated spot for your daily draw. It’s an essential for anyone seeking a structured and beautiful way to honor their daily tarot practice.