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Chakra Multi Tarot Card Holder


Chakra Multi Tarot Card Holder

Organize Your Spiritual Tools

Simplify your tarot reading sessions with our Chakra Multi Tarot Card Holder. This thoughtfully designed accessory is not just a holder; it’s a means to keep your sacred cards neatly displayed and energetically aligned.

Crafted with Intention

Our Tarot Card Holder boasts a sleek design that perfectly fits a variety of card sizes. Embellished with symbols of the seven chakras, it serves as a constant reminder to maintain balance in all spiritual endeavors.

Align Your Practice

The engraved chakra symbols are more than decorative; they’re a guide for aligning your spiritual practice. Each holder is crafted to promote harmony and focus during readings, creating a serene atmosphere for introspection and guidance.

Versatile Display

This holder is equipped with a precise slot measuring 220.5x2mm, ideal for showcasing your tarot cards. Whether you’re a seasoned reader or a beginner, this holder will enhance the accessibility and presentation of your cards.

Elevate Your Readings

Integrate the Chakra Multi Tarot Card Holder into your daily rituals. It not only organizes your space but also brings an element of tranquility and focus to your readings, aiding in clearer interpretations and insights.

A Sanctuary for Cards

Keep your tarot deck in pristine condition while displayed elegantly. Our holder allows for easy access to your cards, encouraging regular use and exploration of their wisdom.


  • Dimensions: 75x250x4mm
  • Slot Dimensions: 220.5x2mm
  • Material: Durable wood with a natural finish
  • Design: Engraved with detailed chakra symbols

Perfect for Tarot Enthusiasts

Gift the Chakra Multi Tarot Card Holder to a tarot enthusiast or add it to your collection to bring organization and spiritual resonance to your reading space. It’s essential for anyone seeking clarity and connection through their tarot practice.