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Citrine Tumbles


Citrine Tumbles are extremely powerful for your Solar Plexus. These crystals will activate and awaken your Solar Plexus Chakra, encouraging a flow of creativeness to run through your soul. Furthermore, these stones will boost your inner confidence, courage and focus. Holding  Citrine Tumbles daily, will remind you to mentally focus on your goals and encourage you to chase your dreams. These crystals have additional healing properties such as increasing self confidence and promoting inner peace.

Citrine crystals are highly recommend to use for manifesting and attracting financial abundance, personal success, good fortune and new opportunities. Use these tumbles in a variety of ways to support you, this can be done through crystal gridding, meditation or manifesting your intentions though out the day.

KEY NOTES: Origin :India |Chakra: Solar Plexus | Size  1/2″-  3/4″approx.

How To Use Your Crystal

  • Keep in pocket to promote joy and peace
  • Keep in wallet or cash register for abundance
  • Keep around house for good luck
  • Hold or place on Solar Plexus to awaken this chakra
  • Place in wallet to encourage financial growth
  • work with this stone using a crystal grid for personal success
  • keep stone on desk for will power and determination
  • Keep in pocket thought out the day for creative problem solving

Main Healing Properties

  • Cleanses and Activates the Solar Plexus
  • Manifests personal success , financial abundance and good luck
  • Extremely balancing for the mind, body and soul
  • Deflects negativity, provides emotional support
  • Grounds and focuses your energies