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Clear Quartz Cluster


Clear Quartz Clusters are one of the most powerful healing crystals available, these stones release built up memories of trauma and help the heart let of pain, anger , guilt and shame. These stones are capable of regulating energy within the environment, wile also removing blockages within Chakra system. This will allow you to feel more balanced and stable. Working with a Clear Quartz Cluster will cleanse the soul, allowing you to feel refreshed and awakened.

This crystal cluster is beneficial for those who need an extra boost clearing their mind before meditation.  Clear Quartz opens and activates the Crown Chakra, promoting mental clarity and focus. An activated Crown Chakra will enable you to increase your spiritual awareness and intuition. Another reason clear quartz is an optimum choice is because it builds a stronger bond with your higher self, leading to higher states of consciousness during meditation.

How To Use Your Crystal

  • Use during meditation to improve mental clarity and concentration
  • Hold using stressful situations to relieve anxiety and worry
  • Use to cleanse aura and unblock chakras
  • Hold or keep in pocket to heal emotional trauma
  • Keep in common areas to enhance positive vibrations

Main Healing Properties

  • Cleanses all Chakra / Activates Crown Chakra
  • Improves mental clarity and focus
  • Extremely healing for the mind, body and soul
  • Absorbs negative energy while also amplifies positive energy

KEY NOTES : Handmade | Origin: Brazil | **DIMENSIONS** Size : 2.5″L- 1.75″ W approx.| 65 grams