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Elements Multi Tarot Card Holder


Elements Multi Tarot Card Holder – Infuse Readings with Elemental Power

Product Overview

The “Elements Multi Tarot Card Holder” enriches your tarot practice with the ancient wisdom of elemental symbols. Crafted for those who seek a deep connection with the natural energies of the world, this holder is both functional and symbolic.

Product Specifications

  • Size: 75x250x4mm, designed for versatility and ease of display.
  • Card Slot: 220.5x2mm, ensures cards stay secure and visible.
  • Material: Premium wood, chosen for durability and a natural feel.
  • Design: Features elegantly etched symbols of earth, air, fire, water, and spirit.

Harmonize Your Space

The elemental icons on this holder provide a visual anchor for your readings, inviting a balanced energy to your tarot practice. It’s perfect for those who align their spirituality with the elemental forces.

Versatile and Stylish

While primarily for tarot cards, this holder also stylishly displays business cards or personal notes. It’s a sleek addition to any space, enhancing the environment with its thoughtful design.

Embrace the Elements

Allow the power of the elements to permeate your readings. This holder not only organizes your cards but also serves as a physical representation of the energies at play.

Gift of Elemental Magic

Offer this holder as a special gift to the spiritually minded. It’s a meaningful choice for anyone who values the integration of elemental energies in their daily practices.

Simple Maintenance

A swift dusting is all it takes to keep the holder’s details sharp and the wood’s natural beauty intact.

Step into a realm where every tarot reading is an elemental journey with our “Elements Multi Tarot Card Holder.